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Vision Personal Training
Jan - Apr 2013


Mobile app for personal training and nutrition 

Vision Personal Training (Vision PT) is recognised as one of the best personal trainers in Australia specialising in weight loss, fat loss, exercise and nutrition. First, we started working on the Vision PT website to redesign their public website experience. The site offers training videos, healthy food recipes, Vision TV content and events taking place in different studios across Australia. 


Upon finishing the design of the web experience, we started designing the mobile app. The app is custom made and exclusive for users of Vision Virtual Training to help achieve personal transformation goals. The app launched in April 2012 allowing users to monitor their exercise, training plans, nutrition and food intake wherever they are. 


 We mapped out the mobile experience and interaction design connecting members to trainers on the go, check and track nutrition plans, training program and schedules, and keeping a food diary.

indir (2).jpeg

User views his Goals and Progress page, and observes that he has lost weight from July to August. He has a written archive of his goals and also his most recent weigh-in on this page

We produced 60 screen wireframes and 16 different interaction flows to describe the complex interactions to developers. Upon completing the IOS version we produced wireframes and visual design for the Android version as well. 

indir (3).jpeg

User views the ADD screen and selects meal items to add to food diary from the MEAL tab. In this view he is able to distinguish recommended meals (by his trainer) from other meals in the database. Adding meal (single or multiple items) works identical to the previous screens, he selects the Breakfast Meal

indir (5).jpeg

Starting from home page user clicks on Food Diary to see the details of today - where he may view his target macronutrients, what he consumed and what is left. User can add to food diary via two different pathways:  By clicking on the Add buttons within Meal Times (e.g. Breakfast) or by clicking on the Add button at top right corner. 

indir (4).jpeg

The user decides to select a Menu to add to his diary; he clicks on the Menu tab. In this view he is able to distinguish between Trainer recommended menus and his saved menus. He selects the High Day Menu

indir (6).jpeg

Within the ADD screen user may choose three different pathways to add a food item: by selecting from the most recently added food items, by selecting from saved Meals or from Menus. By default he views the recently added items to Breakfast, Morning tea...etc.

indir (7).jpeg

Meal plans can be updated anywhere anytime, here user edits an already saved meal.

indir (8).jpeg

Customer views his food diary and clicks to add an item to the Breakfast. He could add recently used items or search for an item . The item he selects will be added to Breakfast by default, however by using the arrows he can add it to e.g. Morning Tea. He can select single or multiple items and when he is done he will tap to DONE button to finish. This will add all items to the food diary in the associated "meal time"

indir (9).jpeg