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One-stop-shop for financial Advisers

Nov 09 - Mar 10


The future vision of the adviser dashboard​

The challenge was to create a one-stop-shop for financial advisers, where they can manage targeted and personalised interactions online with their clients and colleagues. We demonstrated an inspiring future vision prototype, where a single dashboard design could seamlessly connect collaborators and replace 6 different platforms used at the time.


We created a futuristic concept of an adviser dashboard based on some key scenarios identified after understanding the needs of adviser businesses. The resulting video prototype showcased a simple and usable interface where different user groups collaborate and make the platform the central focus of their day to day interactions with clients. 


We started with creating 40+ user scenarios to be able to map the relationships and interactions between the Financial Adviser, the Admin, the para-planner and the customer. In parallel, we conducted a mini-research study with the target audience to confirm these scenarios. At the end of the research, we created skeletal Personas and task models for each of the Personas. We ran workshops with MLC stakeholders to map multiple tasks and interactions between Advisers, Admins and customers. 

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Upon completion of Personas, task models and scenarios we prioritised which story to tell in the future vision prototype. Following the prioritised stories we created the storyboard showing the screen content and flows of the video prototype. 

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Screen flows for the video prototype

As we completed detailed wireframes one by one, they were moved on to visual design, and meanwhile flash prototype was being produced with low fidelity screens to be replaced with visual designs later on. We moved faster this way and was able to deliver the prototype on time and budget.

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Adviser is able to open multiple client portfolios side by side to compare information

Client Portfolio redesign- showing asset allocation and other account related information

Video prototype screens

Using our future vision prototype, MLC was able to communicate their online strategy for online servicing capability effectively to other business units and funding bodies. The narrated video had a great impact internally, visualising the future state of the MLC platform in a simple yet engaging storytelling format.

Key activities

  • Developing Personas, and User Scenarios

  • Selecting and refining the appropriate scenarios to demonstrate specific futuristic capabilities of the Adviser Desktop to key stakeholders. 

  • Creating storyboards to represent the collaboration between Adviser, Admin staff, paraplanner and the customer. 

  • Managing the whole design team focus on a single view and flow and to produce wireframes collaboratively

  • Reviewing and supervising visual designs

  • Feeding all design work into the development of the interactive prototype