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Share a Coke and a song

Coca Cola
May - Jun 12


UX of share a coke and a song campaign

Coca-Cola planned a follow up to its wildly successful ‘Share a Coke’ campaign with a Spotify integration in a bid to tap into the emotion linked with music. The campaign, created in conjunction with Universal Music and Spotify, aimed to help Australians relive special moments in their lives and reconnect with friends and family by encouraging them to share songs unlocked by QR codes or URLs printed on products.

I have worked with Wunderman for Coca Cola's new campaign Music Moments, which launched in 2013 summer in Australia. The campaign successfully integrated mobile and web experiences on Facebook and Spotify and helped to introduce Spotify to Coca Cola fans. I was involved in the project from the beginning where we workshopped the channel strategy and the customer journeys starting with picking up the Coke bottle with a year, onwards to Facebook or pages and then the Spotify App. 

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Facebook Web Screen Flows

Multi-channel user flows

We created the concepts and detailed designs in collaboration with the production team. The outcome as about100 screen designs to achieve a consistent experience design across the mobile, web, Facebook and the Spotify app.  We thrived for a simple interface that allows users to post and tag their moments easily and quickly, while seamlessly moving between different channels and devices. 

The campaign encourages fans to create their own music moments inspired by the years on Coca Cola bottles: Suppose 3 friends listened to Hand in my Pocket (by Alanis Morisette) on the road to Byron Bay in 1995 summer. One of the friends remembers and creates a music moment in Facebook by tagging music, place and friends and shares it as a status update. Once all friends are tagged in Facebook they could listen the song via the Spotify app. The music moment is eventually added with few emotion and event tags to the archive in Spotify.

First Spotify app

We also designed the first Australian Spotify App for Coke's Music Moments campaign. The idea was to create communal playlists based on musical memories - so that users can explore themes such as a wedding, winter or spring. Each circle size is directly related to the number of music moments tagged with that theme (higher the number, larger the circle). User can further explore the moments and songs within a theme and save these playlists. 

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Music Moments App in Spotify: User exploring the themes based everyone's moments - "wedding" was the largest theme of all. 

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Music Moments App in Spotify: Wedding theme selected, user exploring the music moments and the wedding playlist created by other people. 

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App launched in Spotify

Summer Moments.png

Exploring "summer" theme, viewing moments and songs