Rebrand and refresh of a corporate website

CommSec Adviser Services
Jun 12- Jan 13


Zafer has driven great improvements to the customer experience over a relatively short period of time. He has listened to our internal teams and proactively engaged our clients to gain insights around what will drive a superior customer experience. He has then worked with distribution and IT to deliver these enhancements. Feedback for the work Zafer has done has been exceptional and he is now the “go ­to” man for what happens on our website. This is quite a cultural shift for the wholesale business and Zafer has led this change by delivering at quality and quickly.

— Amy Johnson, Executive Manager CX, CommSec Adviser Services

I worked closely with marketing, leadership team, business analysts, developers, testers and an external agency (for visual design) from concept to production to deliver a functional, user friendly, best practice and aesthetically pleasing website for CommSec Adviser Services. Since its launch in October 2012 it has been superior to its competitors in the market, and helping customers find the information they want quickly and efficiently.

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Homepage Redesign

Service Design Methodology

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Products Pages Redesign

Zafer has been a driver of positive change in our business over the last 7 months. He has proactively identified areas to improve and worked to deliver value for our customers and our business. Zafer is very open and positive in sharing his ideas and insights with the business and has not been perturbed by difficult stakeholders along the way.

— Amy Johnson, Exec. Manager CX, CommSec Adviser Services


For the the first time in the CommSec Wholesale Business, I have initiated the development of Personas. Beginning the customer research was quite a challenge as the sales department had all the Financial Adviser contacts and was quite skeptical about the CCD process. After a few trials and Adviser visits accompanied by Sales Managers, I gained their trust in my abilities to build rapport and effectively listen to Financial Advisers. After completing 14 contextual inquiries with Advisers and their Admins in their offices, I engaged key representatives of the business in synthesis of the research findings and development of Personas. After many collaborative sessions I have socialised the draft and final versions of the Personas to more than 200 people in the business and iterated them based on feedback. 


Customer research and the final Personas contributed to our understanding of Advisers and gave us insights on how to differentiate our approach and offer to client groups. This in return has improved the overall customer experience. 

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Financial Adviser Personas